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The special characteristics of the teak are the very good durability (Comparison of the shrinking sets radially: Teak 2.55%, Oregon 4.5%, Iroko, 4.05%, oak 4.10%) and the unusually high ruggedness against mushrooms, termite infestation and different chemicals (acids). In addition Teak possesses preserving characteristics, which prevent a corrosion of metallic fittings etc.. 

Due to the teak characteristics a protective coating is not necessary. Also I cannot  recommend one of the large offer of oils/teak preservatives. These means strain frequently the permanent elastic joint and the flank adhesion; the joint becomes softly, porous or hardens out. The consequences are frequently tears and joint separations. Therefore I recommend only a cleaning with water and a mild cleaning suspension such as soft soap or table-ware detergent. Bleeching cleaning agents give the certain silver Touch in the dry condition, loosen however too much oil from the teak and reduce thereby the life span of the deck. To clean one should with a Dwell or a sponge, in no case with a scrubbing brush or high pressure jet equipment. Untreated teak gets a grey color without at firmness during weathering to lose. With long dry periods the deck with sea water is to be reduced too wässern around the drainage of the wood and the stress load in the rubber joints, due to it.